Francis IT offers full support for Macs, Windows computers and most peripherals

If your computer / workstation has a Trojan horse, worm, malware (spyware) that seems like it cannot be removed - we have the expertise to remove it, making sure nothing is left behind to cause future problems.

Maybe you have a new Wi-Fi router, computer or printer you would like installed and configured. Or your tablet or smartphone will not connect to your printer like it used to. We can help! Are you interested in expanding your Wi-Fi network? Wi-Fi extenders are not the answer, MIMO Ethernet over Powerline is!  Often computers are slow from years of neglect or get so many popup windows while on the internet that they are almost impossible to use. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs. Be assured that what looks like an impossible situation to you is more easily solved than you might imagine.

Francis IT (FIT) offers hardware and software solutions for all of your problems. Whether it's a new iMac, MacBook Air, Pro or mini, or any Windows notebook or desktop - we will set it up and customize it's applications for your needs. Older computers running High Sierra or Windows 7 - 8 may just need additional memory to make then run like new. If you're upgrading, we can backup your data and transfer it to a new computer. Consultations are free and surprisingly informative. We may discover options you didn't know you had. We are also happy to set up any peripherals - Wi-Fi printers or webcams - to work with your current system and show you how to use them.

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