Online Help for Windows

Online scanners download a Java or Active-X component that allows them to search for virus/malware infections without installing a full program on the computer. Sometimes the scanners will only work from within certain web browsers. However, the scan can take a long time, even with a fast computer and internet connection.

Scanners are practical when you are looking for verification that a problem has been fixed or that a computer is infected. Unfortunately, only some scanners will remove malware, however those listed below will remove infections. Most importantly, since two antivirus programs should not be installed on a computer at the same time, online scanners are safe to use with your current antivirus and / or antispyware program.

F-Secure Panda's Cloud Cleaner
TrendMicro Housecall ESET

Most antivirus programs now offer anti malware / spyware solutions as well. No antivirus program is 100% accurate all the time and it needs to be complimented with a good anti-malware program. FIT highly recommends Malwarebytes Premium for Macs and PCs. It has consistently been a top performer in identifying and removing infections, and for that reason we install the Premium version on every computer we work on no matter what antivirus is currently installed. Microsoft now offers a Safety Scanner which expires 10 days after being downloaded. It is intended for occasional use and can be downloaded again.

Unfortunately, some computers require a reformat of the hard drive to guarantee malware or rootkit removal. You are welcome to call FIT for a backup and system reinstall. This is costly and time consuming, but ultimately cheaper than a new computer on which you will have to reinstall all your old programs and data anyway. Our turn around time is typically two to four days.

Online Help for Macs

Mac computers are not immune to viruses or malware, it's just that since there are so few of them compared the number of Windows computers, there is much less malware written to attack the Mac OS. It is still a good idea to have antivirus and malware protection for your Mac product. If you suspect a threat on your Mac the two free online scanners below will remove any infections found for OS X (10.6 or later.)

Online Help for Routers

Consumer router and ISP gateway router security can be poor. Attackers take advantage of lackadaisical manufacturers and are able to attack a large number of routers at a time. Use the links below to check if the Domain Name Server (DNS) address(es) on the router have been compromised. This setting can be changed manually if necessary. Domain Name Servers are the Internet's equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names (like and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. (For Google, one of those addresses is

  F-Secure Router Checker  Bitdefender Home Wi-Fi Scanner

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